Why International Olympiad Foundation


  • UAE’s largest Olympiad examination
  • Olympiad from 1/Year 2 to Grade 12/Year 13
  • A broad array of choices for subjects
  • Open for all curriculum (British, Indian, American, IB, Canadian, Iranian etc),
  • Olympiad papers set by renowned academicians

Comprehensive assessment report

  • Percentile score & Percentage
  • Analysis - Topic Wise Analysis
  • Analysis - Difficulty level of questions
  • Score Analysis with toppers and median
  • Attempt Analysis with toppers and median

Accolades & Awards

  • Certificate to every participant
  • Medals for toppers at UAE level
  • Opportunity to represent UAE in the international arena

Mathematics Olympiad Qualifier

Mathematics Olympiad Qualifier(MOQ) is a UAE level Mathematics Olympiad that is conducted...

Science Olympiad Qualifier

Science Olympiad Qualifier(SOQ) is a UAE level Science Olympiad that is conducted annually by International Olympiad...

Chemistry Olympiad Qualifier

Chemistry Olympiad Qualifier(COQ) is a UAE level Chemistry Olympiad that is conducted annually by...

English Olympiad Qualifier

English Olympiad Qualifier(EOQ) is a UAE level English Olympiad that is conducted annually by International...

International Olympiad Foundation® gives you an opportunity to represent UAE in international Olympiad Competitions like IMO®, IJSO®, IBO®,IChO®, IOI® and many more

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